Gullen offers an introspective with 'Ursa' EP on Petra


Gullen offers an introspective with 'Ursa' EP on Petra

Gullen offers up an introspective first release in the shape of two original tracks and a remix on the 'Ursa' EP, showcasing the Spanish newcomer’s personal style liaising his classic roots in an electronic music realm.

The release kicks off with 'Folie' paints a wonderful sonic picture with mountainous bass lines, vocal narratives and waves of mind bending effects. An elastic-like synth comes to prominence, particularly during the main break.

Marvin Horsch reworks 'Ursa' adding a cosmic appeal is undeniable as granular sweeps and astral pads lift the vibe higher with each successive loop.

Closing the release is the title track 'Ursa' is anchored by meaty slabs of bass the foundation rolls with a wondrous momentum. Tough drums and clustered claps bring further electricity while a hook heavy rhythm locks the groove down a notch tighter. 


Gullen - Folie (Original Mix)
Gullen - Ursa (Marvin Horsch Remix)
Gullen - Ursa (Original Mix)

Release Date: 16th December 2016.