'Hail Blk' are set to release their first self titled E.P


'Hail Blk' are set to release their first self titled E.P

Maltese collective record label Hail Blk are set to release the imprints first official release consisting of four raw and energetic tracks, for the first self titled collective label.

The imprint was founded by N.d. with an ethos of creating a envision to challenge and re-model the cognitive perception of time and self-consciousness.

'Blk Orbit' kicks off the release with a dark concept is expertly weaved into the deep techno sound, keeping a strong focus on meticulous loops moving into hypnotic techno rhythms.

'Infinite Blk' is more stripped back and heads down, with only a sparse snare drum rattling every so often above a coiled bed of beats and dusty hi hats.

'Space Blk' retains a deep flow and atmosphere of the darkest matter, with some excellent bass-heavy rhythms.

Rounding things off 'Blk Gad' is a much more upright and driving piece of smooth techno, where the rhythm rolls up and down while grainy smears peel off the sides and celestial patterns add a dark cosmic energy to the whole thing.


A1. Blk Orbit
A2. Infinite Blk
B1. Space Blk
B2. Blk Gad

Release Date: 14th September 2015