Harry Wolfman - 37 Degrees EP [Omena Records]

Deep House

Harry Wolfman - 37 Degrees EP [Omena Records]

Swedish imprint Omena Records have long been advocating a shrewd A&R policy, with recent releases by the likes of Books and Casino Times very much indicative of the fact. For their latest, they switch their attention to fellow Brit, Harry Wolfman. A man whose sound is steeped in rich house textures, he boasts credits for the likes of Dirt Crew, Toy Tonics and even Strictly Rhythm, his is a way of working that’s very much in line with Omena’s own penchant for dreamy, lucid and always intriguing house music.

’37 Degrees’ is the release in question - and it’s one that’s brimming with good-time flavours from the off. The title track is a sticky and humid track that’s every bit as stifling as its name

suggests. A laid-back affair that boasts a warm, summer glow throughout, it’s the perfect tonic with which to toast these warmer climes. ‘Campo Viejo’ is then further proof of the producer’s

liking for dexterous sounds. A nimble, quick-footed track full of twinkling melodies and vibe-heavy guitar licks, it’s another restrained anthem that’s indicative of deep house at its best.

The B side gets underway courtesy of ‘Elysia Fields’. Again, Wolfman exercises his liking for shrewd chord-work, before the release comes to a halt afterwards courtesy of the sublime sounds of ‘Primacy’. A floating, delicate jam that’s notable for its many harmonious textures, it brings the listener to a place that’s brimming with luscious, positive tones. A record that’s not afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve, Omena’s latest is another triumph for all involved.

Release Date: 7th September 2018