Harsh Puri debuts on What Ever Not under his alias 'Reformed Society'


Harsh Puri debuts on What Ever Not under his alias 'Reformed Society'

Embracing Disco, Techno and House music in all its declinations, What Ever Not - turns to the London-based artist Reformed Society for its next release. A project started by house producer Harsh Puri as a consequence of djing and collecting records since 1998, debuting with a four track old school house release 'Optimistic Chaos' EP coherently fitting with the Italian imprint philosophy.

‘Hope’ has that solar, yet dusty groove folding distorted rhythmics and joyful pads around an insistent lead dubby pattern and shimmering synths.

‘Optimistic Chaos’ is again smooth but slightly gloomy, until a pause intoxicates one’s body and mind filling them with inebriating ambients.

‘Incognito’ delivers a deep driving atmosphere here, featuring dogged, crisp drums together with minimalist, yet momentary cosmic motives.

For the closing cut ‘Detracid’, the artist cooks up a brew of acid lines with the usual charming synths and vivid hats, building a light sense of tension fired up by the warm, heady sound scapes.

Each track is similar to the last, stiffening the musical timbre of the label, confirming the producer’s strong artistic identity.


1. Hope
2. Optimistic Chaos
3. Incognito
4. Detracid

Release Date: 7th March 2016.