Harvey & Hunzed drop 'Cala Salada' with their debut on Terminal M


Harvey & Hunzed drop 'Cala Salada' with their debut on Terminal M

Monika Kruse's Terminal M enlists two upcoming talents from Italy, Harvey & Hunzed with 'Cala Salada' making their debut on the imprint. It's a proper international release with Keinemusik founder David Mayer and the two romanians Luca M & JUST2 delivered their very own interpretations.

David Mayer's interpretation of 'Cala Salada' is kept in his very stylish house convention, touches on progressive areas, with groovy bassline, intriguing piano sequence and tribal percs makes you float on epic journey.

Luca M & JUST2 rework 'Cala Salada' adding some improvisations that build throughout the track, but the highlight is the groove, the bassline offers a higher dose of tribal rhythms sounding very fresh.

The original mix of 'Cala Salada' is a more subdued affair with a hypnotic vocal whilst still upholding the signature groove bassline, and that subtle synth-line that hooks throughout the track.


A1: Hunzed & Harvey ’“ Cala Salada (David Mayer Remix)
B1: Hunzed & Harvey ’“ Cala Salada (Luca M & JUST2 Remix)
B2: Hunzed & Harvey ’“ Cala Salada (Original)

Release Date: 28th October 2015.