HERMES - An-Archon EP [COUM Records]


HERMES - An-Archon EP [COUM Records]

It's impressive how music keeps evolving, more and more voices continue to be heard from all over the world, all of them being unique and different. Breaking the glass of reality is what HΣRMΣS is doing with his upcoming release An-Archon EP.

Right from Spain, the self-titled Poet Necromancer in the Land of Silence will be surrounding your ears with a swarm of ethereal noise formed in a way in which it becomes music. The EP features two tracks, each with a remix treatment.

Starting this masterpiece is 'Cirrosis Mental' which literally translates to mental cirrhosis, its title epitomises itself in a straight-up fashion, as what can be heard is just that, the corrosion of the mind.

Samuel Kerridge rebuilds 'Cirrosis Mental' by contaminating the track with more progressive facets confabulating amongst each other with astonishing cinematic shots with non-traditional mechanical rhythms.

Presented with broken up drums, 'Ayer era la Muerte', sounds punk enough to start a riot, you can clearly hear a voice transmitting itself to a war-ridden world that exists inside everyone’s consciousness.

Caos + Inmediatismo meanwhile round off the release changing everything up by bringing to life the distorted evil twin of the original mix. Slowly grovelling between your skull and your brain, you can clearly hear its sharp claws in this empyrean remix.


01. Cirrosis Mental
02. Cirrosis Mental (Samuel Kerridge Remix)
03. Ayer era la Muerte
04. Ayer era la Muerte (Caos + Inmediatismo Remix)

Release Date: 19th October 2018.