Hex Wolves - Typical People II [Nox Recordings]


Hex Wolves - Typical People II [Nox Recordings]

Nox Recordings fires off Typical People II. The second part in a doubleheader by Los Angeles' artist Hex Wolves; with remixes by Berlin's Ashes and Suzanne.

Leveling Judgment begins with a subtle low budget sci-fi dissonance and rapidly twist into a thrusting dirty-killer riff that carries the tune alongside a pounding rolling bass.

The remix of Leveling Judgment explodes with the broken form rhythms of Ashes and his fiery, industrial-laced. Backed by inverted genre beats and a pulsating bass for added seduction.

Basic, is anything but basic, a fuelled stompy and stark machine atmospheres; that pushes towards the darker side of the EP with a heavy bass line bouncing alongside to a crushing four to the floor beat.

Closing off the release comes the remix from Suzanne - initiator of Berlin’s underground Techno party; Interzone. Suzanne’s adaption of Basic builds a narrative around the radix of the original. The remix opens the door to an alluring environment of machine ambience while slowly tantalising the ear with offbeat rhythms and hypnotic vibrations.


1. Leveling Judgement
2. Leveling Judgement (Ashes Remix)
3. Basic
4. Basic (Suzanne Remix)

Release Date: 19th October 2018.