Hidden Recordings deliver a unique sound with Yuuki Sakais 'Ran Tan' EP


Hidden Recordings deliver a unique sound with Yuuki Sakais 'Ran Tan' EP

Hidden Recordings deliver a unique sounding four-tracker, with Yuuki Sakai’s 'Ran Tan' EP offering distinctive sounds, energy and vibe. Test your limits, teetering on the edge of industrial techno madness as you try to decipher the dance floor etiquette for each of these.

These tracks are rare, like no other combining experimental design with controlled and well-thought out drumming. Complementing the release is a rare and wonderfully percussive-full remix from the undeniable A Mochi. A well established and respected techno vet who’s been deep in the Tokyo underground for over a decade.

'Ran Tan' is an eclectic offering, quick hitting funky tribal fusion with pounding drums perfect for elevating the groove on the dance floor.

A. Mochi steps up for a masterful reworking of 'Ran Tan' which is filled with percussion controlled chaos, unrelenting until you're hypnotized offering a supreme effort from the Techno veteran .

'Amo' is full of frantic raw stabs, hammering kicks and bass and you have the perfect warehouse techno soundtrack!

Completing the release 'Cas Das' takes an intriguing experimental and peculiar beginnings soon lead to a wide opening of gritty and pulsating techno bedlam.


1. Ran Tan
2. Ran Tan (A. Mochi Remix)
3. Amo
4. Cas Das

Release Date: 16th November 2015.