Housemeister offers his 'Downgrade' via the AYCB imprint


Housemeister offers his 'Downgrade' via the AYCB imprint

As always Berlin's DJ/Producer Housemeister is producing an array of interesting releases, his latest creation 'Downgrade' offers a more diverse, insight in his work. The three track release has more flow, more feelings, less jack, less words and a lot more music.

'Repeater' kicks off the release with a Techno based feel, with inserts of Acid tweaks, a throbbing double bass-line that stops and starts throughout yet holding the track in perfect harmony.

'Downgrade' meanwhile takes you back in time to the early 90's - with an updated rendition - heart-felt kick drums, swirling synth-lines and the use of a classical piano developing throughout and enveloped in snappy high-hats and deep kicks.

The final track on the release '4th Dimension' in some terms is self-described - another reminder of early Detroit Techno, swirling around from start to finish leaving you breathless.

It's yet another class release offering deeper shades on the Berlin based AYCB imprint...


1. Repeater
2. Downgrade
3. 4th Dimension

Release Date: 3rd August 2015.