Hypnotic Groove offers up the  'Violent Rotation' E.P from CJW


Hypnotic Groove offers up the 'Violent Rotation' E.P from CJW

Scottish label Hypnotic Groove Records continue with their vibrant and ever striking ethos, with the second release from the imprint bringing fellow Scottish producer CJW to the helm with his 'Violent Rotation' E.P - offering two Techno tracks of the highest order.

CJW has been developing his dark techno sound on these two tracks, the swirling dark sub bass theme is more than apparent on both tracks for this very strong release. Each track is shaped perfectly and fused with clear influences from his upbringing in Glasgow, a city renowned for its strong, vibrant Techno scene.

'Whirlwind' succeeds in building tension with its rising and falling percussion and intricate hi hat lines. As the crashing and clanging percussion elements continues the tracks interest increases, before the dark, menacing sub bass comes through. After a brief lull in the energy, the track slams back in with pumping percussion and a pounding kick drum providing the backing for the all-important whirling sub bass

On the flip we have 'Cyclone', a powerhouse techno track built on the solid foundation of its unrelenting dark bass and driving stabs. The track effortlessly picks up the pace ever so slightly as skipping hi hats give the track more urgency before dubbed out pads trip over the top.


1. Whirlwind
2. Cyclone

Release Date: 27th July 2015.