iFormat releases ‘Cause And Mechanism’​ EP on Nightmare Factory


iFormat releases ‘Cause And Mechanism’​ EP on Nightmare Factory

Working under his alias iFormat, Glasgow based producer Joseph McGeechan is set to release ‘Cause And Mechanism’ EP on the Nightmare Factory label - a challenging, fast and intense affair the release boasts remixes from Voidloss and Electrorites.

‘Agentic Process’ is a frenetic track with an eerie feeling of uneasiness, thanks to its passive-agressive high tones which penetrate one’s consciousness like tiny needles. But eventually, you will surrender. 

The title track combines minimalist, percussive beat with a smashing kick drum, above which float pitched sine waves and terse, echoed melodic fragments. 

In reflection the Voidloss’ reworking of ‘Cause And Mechanism’ is a stertorous, condensed version of the original, with additional hisses and throbbing noises. 

‘Fragmented Perception’ sucks you in from the first second like a black hole, then punches you with a whirlwind of hi-hats and later on, it puzzles you with a wild synth improvisation which sounds like an audio description of a way out of a maze. 

While, the ‘Fragmented Perception’ remix by Electrorites takes you back in the game and shakes you upside down. High tones swirl around you like leaves in the wind and this dizziness is supported by a feverish beat.


iFormat - Agentic Processes
iFormat - Cause And Mechanism
iFormat - Cause And Mechanism (Voidloss - Last Light Before Dying)
iFormat - Fragmented Perception
iFormat - Fragmented Perception (Electrorites remix)

Release Date: 28th November 2016.