Imprint Eighteenthirtyeight introduce Vivi St with his Dub Techno 'Horizon'


Imprint Eighteenthirtyeight introduce Vivi St with his Dub Techno 'Horizon'

Imprint Eighteenthirtyeight look toward introducing a new artist and their first guest on the label, Vivi St (real name Aurelian Stoleriu), with his excellent Dub Techno two tracker the 'Horizon' E.P

Upon closer listen, it becomes apparent that the texture of almost every bar of music is subtly different from the next, in parallel to the gradual progression of the arrangements.

'7.1' is a slow building amble through gradually mutating environments, it goes everywhere and visits almost everything despite at first appearing to go nowhere at all.

'7.2' bounds along with uncharacteristic swagger, staccato melodies propelled along by buoyant claps, yet always underpinned with the signature shifting background ambience that characterises.

Vivi St has been involved in the electronic music scene for some time now, mostly as a sound designer, also for movie studios and theatre. Being passionate about producing beats and rhythms, he's started to produce music in various projects during the last couple of years. His works involve a great deal of chords, wobble bass and drum machines.


1. 7.1 (Original Mix)
2. 7.2 (Original Mix)

Release Date: 23rd March 2015
Label: Eighteenthirtyeight