Intec release their best of 'Intec 2015 Compilation' mixed and compiled by

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Intec release their best of 'Intec 2015 Compilation' mixed and compiled by

Intec label co-head Jon Rundell is back once again with another essential Intec compilation release, this time around presents the ‘Intec 2015 Mix’ with a massive collection of 25 tracks from the imprints releases in 2015.The critically acclaimed DJ/producer has selected a track from every EP released by the iconic imprint in 2015 (25 tracks in total) to celebrate yet another outstanding year at the forefront of credible dance music.The compilation will be available in both ’‹mixed and unmixed formats, boasting tracks from some of Techno’s finest established and emerging artists such as;’‹ ’‹Marco Bailey, Pirupa, Victor Calderone, Cristian Varela, Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt, Harvey McKay, Danny Serrano, Copy Paste Soul, Ramiro Lopez, Ant Brooks, Henri Mattise, Layton Giordani, Joe Brunning and many more.Jon Rundell’s ‘Intec 2015 Mix’ compilation is available exclusively via Beatport on February 15th and everywhere else two weeks later.


Henri Mattise - Ghost Notes
Saeed Younan - Drop It
Kasbah Zoo & Oniwax - Shifted Control
Copy Paste Soul - Wah Wah
Jason Fernandes - Let's Do This
Layton Giordani - Never Forgotten
Rafa Barrios - Daledalehey
Joe Brunning - El Ritmo (Chus & Ceballos Fiesta Mix)
Danny Serrano - Paragraphy
Tomy DeClerque - Rusted Flute
Ramiro Lopez - Truce
Steve Mulder - Madiba
Ant Brooks - Tilt
Harvey McKay - Wrong Turn
DJ Jock - Raw Love
Mars Bill - Motorcity
Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt - Kachel
Ian O'Donovan - Gauntlet
Project AKC - Thunder
Marco Bailey - Final Approach
Fabio Neural & Alex Costa - Dillinger
Ferhat Albyrak - Real Steel
Pirupa - Ray Of Light
Victor Calderone - Mole
Cristian Varela - Alarm Waves

Release Date: 15th February 2016.