Integrated Recordings relaunch with 'Drumfist' EP from Voidloss


Integrated Recordings relaunch with 'Drumfist' EP from Voidloss

The recently relaunched Integrated Recordings releases its new sixth release, from UK based artist - Voidloss with his 'Drumfist' EP - exploring the techno experience without limit, this release is a proposal of four underground techno weapons’¦

Voidloss (Singularity, Subsist, Genesa, Labrynth, Freitag Limited) coming off his incredible 'Hypnotic Rising' album on Subsist. This release follows on from the album, laying down an impressive spectrum showcasing his unique style of intense and emotional techno.

'Empty Wordless Mind Waste' is first up on the release, offering a strong cut with deep kicks, classic synth pads, and solid bass lines all combined to create a industrialistic experience.

Up next, 'Overarm Double Fisted' brings us to the next level with pulsating bass, ghostly synths and crafty use of off-kilter drums, creating a haunting track.

'How Much More To Destroy Yourself' pounds away, featuring unique synth pads, great percussion, and rhythmic pauses throughout the progression of the track.

Concluding the release is 'Qi Xing Quan' a unique composition that returns full-circle, it's melodic and some-what subtle in places, but a detailed and atmospheric piece of Techno.


1. Empty Wordless Mind Waste
2. Overarm Double Fisted
3. How Much More To Destroy Yourself
4. Qi Xing Quan

Release Date: 19th October 2015.

Available exclusively via Bandcamp: