Italian duo WirrWarr strike out via Emerson's Micro.Fon imprint


Italian duo WirrWarr strike out via Emerson's Micro.Fon imprint

Hailing from Milan, Italy - the duo know as WirrWarr (aka Andrea Casiraghi and Gabriele Frigerio) have made a big impact on the Techno scene, the duo have been producing for the last few years and particularly enjoy the darker side of genre, they have releases on Micro.fon and Nulldreißig 030 which showcase their particular production style.

Wirrwarr first caught Emerson‘s attention when opening for him at dude club in Milan, after a little while the name came up again because of their amazing „knopf“ track, the first 4 tracks they sent to micro.fon were immediately signed and after debuting on the label on the last compilation (vol. 3) with their track 'as told' they now deliver their first full EP.

These tracks are really true empathy of Techno, stripped down to it's purest form, then reconstructed to massive peak time monster with a real underground approach.

The title track 'Black Tailed Mermaid' is a prime example of what WirrWarr are about, deep, dark, melodic with a melancholic touch to it

'Felt Danger' with it's slightly mental approach to the use of the drums, with a rhythm that makes you comfortable but not quite not relaxed, takes this EP to a whole other level. Intelligent minimalistic techno.

'You' completes the release, a track full of glitches, a very deep track with some great deep atmospheric melody that matches a nice deep and dark mood. It's sensitive, yet subtle and sophisticated.


1. Black Tailed Mermaid
2. Felt Danger
3. You

Release Date. 17th June 2015.