Italy's talented Pirupa drops his impressive 'Ray of Light' EP


Italy's talented Pirupa drops his impressive 'Ray of Light' EP

Italy’s rising House and Techno DJ/producer Pirupa return to Intec with his brand new EP entitled, ‘Ray of Light’. This impressive three-track offering follows the talented Italian’s acclaimed EPs such as ‘Raw Deal’ and ‘Shout’ which, were previously released on Intec and, garnered support from the world’s Techno elite.

The EP's title track 'Ray of Light' kicks things off and takes us on a no-holds-barred aural journey encompassing an abundance of 90s-esque rave chord stabs, intense build-ups, warm filtered pads and high string samples to create just the right amount of tension.

'Noid' is next up and continues proceedings with its powerful tech-house groove, dreamy chord stabs, lush phased pad sound and excellent use of effects.

'Mind The Crap' is the EP’s most twisted sounding track and brings the release to a close, boasting a tough pounding groove, scatty percussion loops, wonky synth melodies and dominate bass frequencies to help take you to the next level.


1. Ray of Light
2. Noid
3. Mind the Crap

Release Date: 7th December 2015.