J.O.N teams up with Scott Stammers for the 'Sometimes Funky' E.P


J.O.N teams up with Scott Stammers for the 'Sometimes Funky' E.P

Jon (aka Jonathan Bernardini) returns to the B.Soul Music imprint, teaming up with Scott Stammers for the 'Sometimes Funky' E.P - featuring two original tracks and fresh reworks from Marcos Baiano, with some new super cool moods.

Signing with B.SOUL Music, has seen JON release his E.P ‘Memories’ (2014), now returning in 2015, JON now bringing his rhythm a new mix between Tech-House and Old-Skool Deep House, going fast towards a new way of feeling this. With the voice of his mate Scott Stammers having a great importance in helping this groove to emphasize the whole project.

'Sometimes' brings funky ideas, deep chords and involving bass-lines clearly made up of cool-heeled tempo, slowly unfurling sub-riffs and transfixing vocal harmonics.

'Now' is the other original track featured on the release, it's a deep affair with all the hits in the right places, deep bassy resonance, sweeping synth-lines and lovely little pieces of high-hats nestled amongst the floating house style vocals.

The two remixes from Marcos Baiano, who decided to discover what can happen approaching dirty rhodes and TB303 pulses accompanied by a finest rhythm, to the 'Terrace' bass-lines, that, wherever you go, move your legs.


1. Sometimes (Original Mix)
2. Sometimes (Marcos Baiano NYC Sounds Rmx)
3. Now (Original Mix)
4. Now (Marcos Baiano Remix)

Release Date: 22nd June 2015.