Jamie Anderson & Owain K team up for 'Just Grooves' on Dessous


Jamie Anderson & Owain K team up for 'Just Grooves' on Dessous

The boys from Bristol are back on Dessous - Jamie Anderson and Owain K team up to release their 'Just Grooves' E.P - four original tracks of high quality House Music - old friends touching base and picking up where they left off, each party bringing years of experience to the table.

The booming bass repetitions and crisp hats of 'Just A Groove' are joined by reverberating layers of shimmering synth. Think Basic Channel or the dub techno aesthetic of Rhythm & Sound: big name comparisons but more than justified.

'Edge Of Infinity' is underpinned by a core of low-slung funk - a deep, booming, enveloping sound. Halfway through there's a lush clearing of pads - straight out of the mid-90s drum and bass textbook. A voice declares "At the edge of infinity, deep within my soul" - summoning up the simultaneous expansiveness and rootedness that encapsulates the feel of the entire EP.

The final two tracks maintain the high standard. 'Throwing Shapes' casts a more conventional deep house vibe, each musical element introduced one by one until, by stealth, it's a rolling juggernaut. 'Night Scanner' has a bassy Chicago House feel: a bobbing groove with added funk to its conclusion.


1. Just A Groove
2. Edge Of Infinity
3. Throwing Shapes
4. Night Scanner

Release Date: 16th October 2015.