Javier Ganuza - Slaves To Society [Revolucion Records]

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Javier Ganuza - Slaves To Society [Revolucion Records]

Javier Ganuza has continued to push the boundaries of his unique techno sound, earning himself an excellent reputation along the way. Recorded over a 12 month period 'Slaves To Society' brings Javier's transition from making music for the dancefloor through to music for the mind.

Skirting the edges of ambient, industrial, breaks, dub and other areas while consistently walking by itself with his unmistakable sound.

This indeed is not tapping-your-feet, feel-good happy music but an expression of something much more raw and darker, winding, deep techno selections up with enough variation and shade to avoid ever sounding one-dimensional.

Each track has been cleverly positioned to flow from one to the other, bringing to that switch between the different sounds of techno.

Entirely simply this release is techno dealt by someone whose technique has been refined through years of practice in front of the world's most discerning audiences.


  1. Intro
  2. Labyrinth
  3. Last Travel
  4. Blackfire
  5. You Destroy Me
  6. XXI
  7. Sinister Movement
  8. Slaves Of The Darkness
  9. Xtension
  10. Forever (bonus track)

Release Date: 30th November 2018.