Javier Varez releases melodic Deep House with 'Im Not Real' EP

Deep House

Javier Varez releases melodic Deep House with 'Im Not Real' EP

The latest creation from Javier Varez 'I’m Not Real' takes the form of five deep melodic tracks, with remix from Matthias Vogt thrown in for good measure and is set to be release via the Madrid based label Alma Soul Music.

With the intention of sharing his love for the rural low frequencies, Javier signs five melodic tracks mainly inside Deep House music, using hypnotising arpeggios, some recorded percussions and vocal samples. Maybe not in this EP, and maybe his voice was never recorded, but he assures to be an awesome singer.

Legend says that one day at the Laundry he was singing his I’m Not Real and a surprised man supplicates him to shut up.

"I wanna remix that", said the man. Reality or not, the well known German producer Matthias Vogt, member of the band re:jazz and Motorcitysoul, signs his own point of view of the main track of this release giving it a deeper touch.

To complete this release, the soundtrack 'Vulnerable' is included as a bonus cut.


Javier Varez - Today's Smile (Original Mix)
Javier Varez - I'm Not Real (Original Mix)
Javier Varez - I’m Not Real (Matthias Vogt remix)
Javier Varez - Reversible Nights (Live Version)
Javier Varez - Happy Ending (Original Mix)
Javier Varez - Vulnerable (Bonus Track)

Release Date: 7th October 2016.