Jeff Mills announces the release of the long awaited Exhibitionist 2


Jeff Mills announces the release of the long awaited Exhibitionist 2

Finally, after 11 years since the last groundbreaking 'Exhibitionist' was released, Jeff Mills has announced the release date of the next installment - the full Exhibitionist 2 CD and DVD release will be preceded by a four-track 12-inch titled Exhibitionist 2 - Part 1, due out next month on Axis Records.

For anyone who love their Techno or even into electronic music, the first 'Exhibitionist' was a must have... It was a demonstration of pure genius, shedding a new light on the art of DJ'ing and Turntablism, but it also brought to the forefront 'Random Noise Generation' (aka the Burden Brothers) who since have excelled within the industry, as Octave One.

Over the year, Jeff Mills have applied himself to various experimental projects, working with the likes of Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra, DJ Surgeles to name but a few, one of the most notable was scoring a soundtrack for Fritz Lang's 1926 film Metropolis, screened around the world at venues including the Museum of Music in Paris, London's Royal Albert Hall, and the Vienna International Film Festival.

Even by Mills's standards, 2015 has been a remarkably busy year: he's released a live album with classical pianist Mikhaïl Rudy, announced a show in London with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, put out the triple-CD Woman In The Moon soundtrack and issued a USB album called Proxima Centauri.

“Expanding the art forms in Dance Music has always been an agenda that needs constant monitoring because it has the ability to evolve and develop each and every idea. At angles that are not easy to see or understanding for most of the listening and dancing audiences, I've always felt that Dance music would make more sense to the people if they were allowed chances to understand how the music is being programmed and made - to witness this process from beginning. The Exhibitionist 2 DVD is designed to go even deeper into the art form to display, not only how a DJ uses the latest technology, but how he thinks in real time to create and work spontaneously like a musician playing a acoustic instrument or a soloist thinking of rhythms on-the-spot. This is a rare opportunity to see how the technology of today is allowing DJs to be more free and thus, more creative. “ - Jeff Mills

Without doubt over the years Jeff Mills has been a man on a mission, creating a unique and diverse back-catalogue, so we now look forward to the reprise of the Exhibitionist release.


1. Signals To Atomic One
2. A-B
3. Spiralism
4. Optic

Release Date: 29th June 2015.

The first installment of 12” EP from “EXHIBITIONIST 2” DVD+CD due out in September 2015.
All the tracks are created by Jeff Mills specifically and used in the Studio Mix in the DVD.