Josh Butler presents first release of vinyl only project - KAHU


Josh Butler presents first release of vinyl only project - KAHU

Renowned house producer Josh Butler has revealed the first edition in a 3-part, 6-track vinyl only series for his new project KAHU. The first vinyl - 'Beaverworks' is an intuitive, tribal club cut that draws on Josh’ s experiences of Maori culture as a youth.

As a limited edition project, KAHU provides Josh with the opportunity to exhibit a darker side to the underground house that he has become so synonymous with. The name KAHU comes from the Harrier Eagle of Maori mythology, adopted by Josh to represent his teenage years growing up in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

KAHU thus represents a musical concept with which Josh can explore ideas outside of what people may expect of him, with his works drawing influence from tribal rhythms yet manifested within a hard, stripped back and minimal style.

‘Beaverworks.’ Kicking off with a closed hi-hat pattern, the track steadily builds as a heavy driving kick is introduced. Tribal rhythms intertwine with contemporary tech-house percussion to create a truly unique and restrained sound. With pulsating bass and acoustic percussion meshed with drum machines and synths, the track takes on a new energy and establishes the precedent for the KAHU series.

B-side ‘ Corks’ focuses on a vintage club feel, again with an emphasis on acoustic percussion, as reverberating snares couple with manipulated, echoing vocals in a visceral, natural soundscape. With only a limited run of vinyl available for the release, this is an opportunity not to be missed for the discerning tech-house aficionado.


1. Beaverworks
2. Corks

Release Date: 14th December 2015.