Just Be AKA Bushwacka! - Gurjieff (inc. Mr C, David Scuba and Noel Jackson


Just Be AKA Bushwacka! - Gurjieff (inc. Mr C, David Scuba and Noel Jackson

Kicking off the New Year in style, Superfreq turn to a close friend for his first ever release on the label: that man is the one and only Just Be. The release, entitled ‘Gurdjeiff, also sees all three label partners, Mr C, David Scuba and Noel Jackson, on remix duties, with each hitting the mark. There is also a bonus track that is just as special, so this really is a landmark package for the ever excellent label.

Just Be, of course, is Matthew Benjamin aka formerly one half of long running and definitive tech house pair Layo and Bushwacka! Since branching out on his own, he has has played everywhere from Sankeys to DC10 and has impressed just as much with releases on Danse Club and Get Physical, Intec and Tronic, and does so once again here with a fantastic new offering.

‘Gurdjeiff’ is a spritely and spine tingling track with haunting metallic melodies hanging in the air above synthetic drums and occult spirits. It bangs like a proper dance track should but also offers some great atmosphere and heady lines in which to get lost. Perfectly fitting in with the label’s left of centre MO, it might be Just Be’s best cut yet.

First to remix is the inimitable Mr C, and he does so with a focus on stripped back late night grooves. Various toms and percussive hooks stay busy whilst a deep down low bassline snakes along and sci-fi pads unfold all around. It’s full of energy and will transport floors into deepest space. David Scuba then goes for a more uneven, jumbled groove that is paranoid and freaky, littered with vocals, hits, drums and pads and really works itself, and listeners, into a pleasingly controlled frenzy. Last to remix is Noel Jackson, and he does so in no nonsense techno style. His perfectly slick and kinetic track hurries along a compelling drum track and is embellished with all sorts of trippy effects, weird sounds and abstract detail.

Finally, bonus cut ‘Waiting’ is an elegant acid affair with fantastic electronics weaving their way round rubbery minimal beats. Like Mathew Jonson in his prime, the track is full of emotive grandeur and will mark a standout in any set.

This is a terrific package with which to kick off a new year and brings together a collection of friends and peers in some style.



1. Gurdjeiff
2. Gurdjeiff (Mr C remix)
3. Gurdjeiff (David Scuba remix)
4. Gurdjeiff (Noel Jackson Remix)
5. Waiting