Justin Schumacher - Dusty Rhodes [Shades Of Play]


Justin Schumacher - Dusty Rhodes [Shades Of Play]

Brooklyn based DJ and producer Justin Schumacher presents his latest Dusty Rhodes EP to be released on Shades Of Play, D.C. based label, sister label to the renowned Witty Tunes imprint. A new venture delving into the deeper and broader spectrums of electronica, house & techno music. 

Justin has previously released records on several labels, among which Good For You Records, Dystopian Rhythm, Assimilation Recordings, Carlo Lio and Kareem Cali's label Rawthentic as well as Pig & Dan’s Elevate imprint. 

Dusty Rhodes is a forceful record that will definitely urge listeners to dance vigorously during long clubbing nights. The EP opens up with Arcology, a powerful techno track enhanced by spatial and slightly industrial sounds that will quickly catch the audience right in the soul. 

Then follows the lighter, more optimistic Dusty Rhodes with a short smooth flute melody and stifled voices to let a bit loose before Refined, the last track of the EP that will instantly bring the listeners back to their obscure dance moves with constant back-and-forth background melodies accompanied by a light and smooth voice only allowing short breath brakes.

Release Date: 11th December 2017