Kes Records founder Sisio releases his analogue 'Sabong' E.P.


Kes Records founder Sisio releases his analogue 'Sabong' E.P.

Kes Record is proud to announce the first E.P from one of the imprints founders Sisio - 'Sabong' (KES017), represents a culmination of constant music research. The release consists of three original tracks plus a remix from Ivo Toscano.

The entire E.P has been characterised by the use of very soft synth lines; featured on the tracks 'Tarlac' and 'Angel', Moog is the protagonist making both tracks dynamic.

'Tarlac' offers that familiar old skool Detroit feel, with it's climactic synth build ups, snappy high-hats - and the aforementioned Moog synths adding more theatrical feel to the track.

'Angel' by the end of the track leaves you completely breathless, again giving a demonstration of Sisio's expert knowledge of music in all its expression.

While the track 'Mabuhay' was recorded during a live session - an suitable move considering the finished output... completing the release 'Mabuhay' is given a rework by Ivo Toscano, highlighting his use of the Korg MS10 completes the production with the touch of brilliant waves and its staggered rhythmic capabilities completes the track.


1. Tarlac (Original Mix)
2. Angels (Original Mix)
3. Mabuhay (Original Mix)
4. Mabuhay (Ivo Toscano Remix)

Release Date: 29th July 2015.