KONFLKT releases its debut EP with dotwav's 'Ãœber Tage/Unter Tage'


KONFLKT releases its debut EP with dotwav's 'Ãœber Tage/Unter Tage'

Berlin-based techno label KONFLKT releases its debut EP 'Ãœber Tage/Unter Tage' - these two tripped out productions by label co-founder dotwav are made for high-octane sets. Featuring remixes by Patrik Carrera, Rob Meyer and Pearcant, covering a diverse sound spectrum.

'Ãœber Tage' hits you with its intertwining elements from each genre to create one defining masterpiece, it is unique and intriguing to the ear. backbone of the track aligns with its rich melodies and driving energy, its intensity however, revolves around the opera vocals which cut through the techno flavoured sound.

Next on the original productions is 'Unter Tage', the first thing to hit you is a wall of pulsating bass, accompanied by smooth rolling drum layers and some crunchy tough percussion. A surprise then casually arises, captured perfectly by an electro style synth riff, which is both perky and lofty in its vibe.

The remixes featured on the release, Patrik Carrera delivers a typically raw take on ‘Ãœber Tage’, taking snippets of the rhythmic and atmospheric elements, while Rob Meyer reshapes 'Unter Tage' into his own intricately programmed and unconventional Techno style.

Rounding off the package is a third remix from Pearcant with a more direct approach to things with ever evolving drums swirling around chugging bass hits and stab sequences.


A1 dotwav - Ãœber Tage
A2 dotwav - Ãœber Tage (Patrik Carrera Remix)
B1 dotwav - Unter Tage
B2 dotwav - Unter Tage (Rob Meyer Remix)
B3 dotwav - Unter Tage (Pearcant Remix)

Release Date: 4th November 2015.