Konstruktiv​ debut Monolyth with ‘Message From Space’ EP


Konstruktiv​ debut Monolyth with ‘Message From Space’ EP

Making a debut on Konstruktiv comes the Italian-based artist Monolyth with dark and dismantled techno on the ‘Message From Space’ EP which includes remixes from Rekord 61 and STRISC - bringing us a message from Space, reminding us that we don’t need to be astronauts to travel.

The title track contains fragments of a message from the distant nebula, too remote to be deciphered. It starts with a cramped atmosphere of a space cabin fired up to the orbit and, eventually revs up like when air meets dark vacuum.

‘Solarus’ kicks off like a comet whose tail lights up the dark skies with growing distortion, deflects metal particles with the clinking sounds of hi-hats and then burns away in a cloud of smoke.

Rekord 61’s remix of ‘Solarus’ is powered by solar energy, so its drum kick pulsates at the speed of light and its melody motive wavers like a flame, until it all suddenly disappears.

‘Alfa Centauri’ transmits signals of acrid synths right into the centre of the triple star which emerges above the dynamic, dense mass of drums and immerses into the groove again, like a shadow into the dark.

The remix of ‘Alfa Centauri’ by STRICS. stripped most of the percussions and created the backbone of the track with a maddening, flat synth beam, putting the celestial music in a playful dissonance. With its sound palette of beeping noises and old school cinematic sounds, it evokes the sci-fi movies from the 1960s.


Monolyth - Message From Space
Monolyth - Solarus
Monolyth - Solarus (Rekord 61 remix)
Monolyth - Alfa Centauri
Monolyth - Alfa Centauri (STRISC. remix)

Release Date: 5th December 2016.