KoTune & Whitelie lineup a live project with the Terra E.P via Labella Reco


KoTune & Whitelie lineup a live project with the Terra E.P via Labella Reco

Refined sonority, solid grooves, emotional pads, compact baselines feature in the Terra E.P release from Italian duo KoTune and Whitelie via Labella Recordings. The release pushes the boundaries of Techno, bringing a new light to the genre while in keeping with tradition.

This release cruises from the simple sound of an organ to the full one of a Moog, the 'Terra' E.P. is the first release by KoTune & Whitelie, while they line up starting a new live project.

Terra: melodic and gloomy pads, dynamic rhythm and a strong emotion that lasts all the track especially in the main break.

Flusso: the most experimental track of the EP with dark and clean sounds melted with the organ sounds.

Esterno: the main feature is its strong baseline, skeleton of the track, accompanied by a clean rhythm.

Disturbi: the most dynamic track of the EP, a cyclic sound with continuous rhythm and effects changes.

Causa Effetto: staggered bassline, solid groove and distort effects.

Carbonio: an unusual rhythm, coloured by minimal effects and sounds.

Overall this E.P wants to transmit something by blending experience and innovations, like the Italian based Labella Recordings is very good at doing.

Ko Tune & Whitelie are playing a new live project, totally analog, in which the main characters are instruments like: Roland TR-909, Korg MS-10, Electribe SX/MX.


01. Carbonio
02. Causa effetto
03. Disturbi
04. Esterno
05. Flusso
06. Terra

Release Date: 14th March 2015 via Labella Recordings