Kowton reworks Peverelist's 'Roll With The Punches'


Kowton reworks Peverelist's 'Roll With The Punches'

With Peverelist making a visit to Liverpool next week as part of the line-up for the Waxxx 4th Birthday Party (Waxxx Fair) along with Surgeon and Nick Hoppner, plus many more. We see that Peverelist has re-released a rework by Release regular Kowton, of his bass heavy 'Roll With The Punches' on Punch Drunk Records on the Bleep distribution list.

Kowton turns in two sterling reworks of Peverelist's 'Roll With The Punches' from a little while back. This comes ahead of the forthcoming Worth the Weight Vol 2 - From the Edge compilation slated for a September release 2014 on Pev's Punch Drunk Records. The original track was a haunting slice of somber, flute-led dubstep, and here Kowton jacks things up for a more frenetic workout.

The Linear Mix (which will also feature on the compilation) takes the opening notes of that flute theme and replays the arpeggio ad infinitum, break-neck percussion and bass running beneath to thrilling effect. The Dub mix, exclusive to this 12", sees that arpeggiated theme fed through channels of echo as mechanical whirs and drones hover beneath, that same irresistible percussion taking the lead.

Sampler 12" for compilation 'Worth the Weight Vol 2 - From the Edge' to be released this month (September) 2014 on Punch Drunk Records.

Linear mix will also appear on the CD whilst the Dub mix will be exclusive to the vinyl 12".