KTEN pushes out his 'Sky Prism' E.P via Buena Onda


KTEN pushes out his 'Sky Prism' E.P via Buena Onda

Buena Onda kick back this summer with a release from KTEN with his 'Sky Prisim' E.P. with some upfront Techno from the Pune scene in India, with three original tracks, plus two remixes from Rene Breitbarth and Gurwan, pushing the limits beyond psychical and physical boundaries in a simple manner.

This new release is a perfect example of the ambition set out by the imprint: this young and talented artist named KTEN from the Pune techno scene in India demonstrates with these three original titles that electronic music and its explorations have good days ahead and will shine bright in the future.

Two remixers come to enrich that EP, the first one - needless to present him, is probably the more underestimated artist of the Berlin scene, namely outstanding Rene Breitbarth, who offers a perfect remix, an incomparable touch, a classy, elegant music. And as usual, the label's boss Gurwan will conclude with a US version techno remix.


1 K-Ten - Forget The Past (Original Mix)
2 K-Ten - Forget The Past (Rene Breitbarth Remix)
3 K-Ten - Meanwhile Talking (Original Mix)
4 K-Ten - Meanwhile Talking (Gurwan Remix)
5 K-Ten - Sky Prism (Original Mix)

Release Date: 6th August 2015.