KVD - Outerspace EP [Konstruktiv]


KVD - Outerspace EP [Konstruktiv]

The latest release from Konstruktiv comes from KVD in the shape of the 'Outerspace' EP - this five track release is a relentless beast with two superb remixes from Rekord 61 and Sergey A.M.

The Parisian producer gets straight to business with opener Outerspace. Full-bodied and hard-hitting, the EP’s title track is a relentless stomper held together by an agitated synth line and tension building strings.

Remixes from Konstruktiv label boss Rekord 61 and Sergey A.M. follow suit; Surroundings shrink, sound expands and the air grows thick and humid as Rekord 61 takes Outerspace into vicious territory.

The second remix sees the resident DJ of Moscow’s Propaganda Club strip the track down to an atmospheric and groovy core.

Rolling beats, hypnotic sound-design and raw intensity return with 'Meteor' and the vibe remains fast-paced and powerful all the way through the last seconds of EP closer 'Dark Matter'.

Konstruktiv and KVD deliver the goods once again.


1. Outerspace
2. Outerspace (Rekord 61 remix)
3. Outerspace (Sergey A. M. remix)
4. Meteor
5. Dark Matter

Release Date: 7th March 2016.