Leandro Barros starts 2015 with his hypnotic release 'Titled' via SonicCult


Leandro Barros starts 2015 with his hypnotic release 'Titled' via SonicCult

What a great way to begin 2015 by presenting Leandro Barros, a new, fresh artist from Portugal, who is a modular synth guru and is ready to surprise us all with the finest avant-garde techno, for the most sophisticated tastes..

It all begins with “Titled“, a hypnotic voyage through analogue wires and circuits, ideal for minds that are fit for immersion.

“Hfdhdhd“ is not easy to spell, but who cares? What we want is to continue the hypnosis and travel through intergalactic ooze. And here we go, minds set, tuned with the mind-blowing bass lines that give us the chills. “Collapse“ shall not be our destiny, as perseverance protects us from any sort of damage. So, let’s keep our eyes shut and travel until we reach the next point of departure, which is Leandro’s follow-up EP.

We would also like to announce our new project on SONICLAB. It is called SOUNDPLOT and has been used to create the sleeves of each track using bioinformatics analysis. The idea is to “paint“ a track as it would look like on a drawing. For this, we compare sequential segments of the music in question and evaluate the degrees of similarity, using a heat map colouring scheme, where blue means different patterns (cold) in time while red means similar patterns (hot).

The result is painted as a matrix in Dot Plot format. As can be expected, 4x4 techno will create square symmetries, and this is proved by the image provided for each track.