Lex Luca releases 'Best Thing About / I Feel​' on Cr2 Trax


Lex Luca releases 'Best Thing About / I Feel​' on Cr2 Trax

London DJ and producer Lex Luca follows up his highly-rated 'Bounce / Do It' on UK house imprint Cr2 Records with another two hot house grooves on their sub-label Cr2 Trax with the 'Best Thing About / I Feel'.

"I Feel" is propelled by classic house textures: chunky synth stabs, shuffling percussion and snippets of diva vocals. Fat snare builds and old skool break fills litter the breakdowns, with a seriously thick bassline groove underpinning the whole thing.

"Best Thing About" is more of a heads-down affair, with a different flavour of classic techy stabs giving an atmospheric feel over a pumping groove and driving monotone bass. A commanding speech takes centre stage in the breakdown, and is deftly chopped and effected as a rhythmic element throughout the track.

“I'm really excited to be releasing my next EP with Cr2 Trax”  he says. “I've been road-testing these two tunes at my recent gigs in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Miami and London and they've been getting a great reaction!”


1. Best Thing About
2. I Feel

Release Date: 28th November 2016.