Lionel Weets returns to Motech with 'Learning to Learn' E.P


Lionel Weets returns to Motech with 'Learning to Learn' E.P

Belgian techno and house producer - Lionel Weets returns to Motech after last years debut album 'Stellar Orchestra' and multitude of releases on Motech Limited. 'Learning to Learn' E.P showcases Weets uncanny ability to fuse neo Detroit Techno and House with today's modern sound!

The release heralds three original tracks that will fit perfectly in any peak time Techno set to the deepest of house dancefloors!

`Learning to Learn' glides and shimmers through its lush keys and pulsating drum beats with that all important string-swing bouncing the beat over melodic synths and pads.

Next up `Our World' picks up the pace with a driving KMS style production that loses itself in twisted, tribal percussion.

`The Last Meridian' gets right back to the nocturnal beating heart groove, twisting and pirouetting its way across the floor once again lifting us with euphoric synths and taking us back to those heady days of late 80s techno.


1. Learning to Learn
2. Our World
3. The Last Meridian

Release Date: 27th July 2015.