Liverpool's imprint Blank Recordings puts out it's first release with the '


Liverpool's imprint Blank Recordings puts out it's first release with the '

Liverpool's newest imprint Blank Recordings, label boss Ged Lever looks to Dublin based artist SKiN for the labels sixth release on it's sub label for vinyl only called BLANK Waxx, with the 'Switchboard' E.P. This is an absolute monster of a release! Featuring two deep and driving original tracks, two equally powerful remix supports from the label mates and core members - Doug Cooney and Ged Lever.

The lead track ‘Banged Up Beat’ kicks off with straight forward 4/4 rhythmic groove that gradually builds up layer by layer into the darker shade to meet the mysterious break, followed by heavy brooding bass tones slashing through the kickdrums.

The second track ‘White Shadow’ possess much more hardened groove, pounding out the drums packed with blinding force. deepening the atmosphere with the hollowing echoes.

Doug Cooney’s remix of 'Banged Up Beat' elevates the dark mood of original while pumping in even more energy with rolling kick/hat combo and psychedelic swirling chaos of synth that intensifies throughout the entire length of the track.

While Ged Lever’s remix of 'Banged Up Beat' takes the tension-filled doomsday feel of original to another level and gives a new dimension to the heavy merciless percussion by adding haunting howling echoes that growls like that of ghosts combined with more muted drums and subtle layers of stabs of kicks and effects.

The E.P has already received support from Zenker Brothers, Abstract Division, Ben Sims, Jerome Hill, Joe Farr, Sunil Sharpe, Eomac and Brendon Moeller.


1. Banged Up Beat
2. White Shadow
3. Banged Up Beat (Doug Cooney Remix)
4. Banged Up Beat (Ged Lever's Jacked Up Remix)

Release Date: TBC - Early May

Limited 140 gram Vinyl release of 200 copies.