Lockyear - 'Wave Knowledge' EP [OTB Records]


Lockyear - 'Wave Knowledge' EP [OTB Records]

Lockyear strives to balance the three pillars of the human condition on his second release for OTB Records with 'Wave Knowledge' EP - three tracks that explore the connection between body, mind and soul.

Bodymind sets the route, its muscular rhythm bearing fertile ground for sweeping pads and a lively arpeggiator. As it marches on, the beat's tense lows and soaring highs combine to create dance floor euphoria.

On the flip side, Wave Knowledge takes us to a deeper place. Distorted stabs and playful bleeps glide around an embracing bass line, while a mystical pad and subconscious hum look for peace of mind.

That peace of mind can be found in Taming the Elephant - at the heart of the track is an enigmatic vocal that takes you into a meditative state while subtly pulsating chords caress your soul.


Lockyear - Bodymind
Lockyear - Wave Knowledge
Lockyear - Taming The Elephant

Release Date: 17th February 2017