Luis Leon presents space theme with 'Schwerkraft' EP

Deep House

Luis Leon presents space theme with 'Schwerkraft' EP

A new Chapter is upon us, and with it Luis Leon returns to the fold for Chapter 24 to deliver four musical pieces of the highest order.

Luis’ outspoken sound with carefully crafted productions, poised basslines and striking synths is once again on show in a concept EP built around the theme of space.

Opening things up, Eta Carinae burns brightly. An organic groove underpins exploratory synths which echo into the void.

Betelgeuse follows and lives up to expectations, a massive, more driving track which hits home hard on the dancefloor over its eleven minutes.

A moment of respite is offered by Relativität, its languid groove striking a pause in space and time, before the eponymous Schwerkraft closes the EP with its beguiling, atmospheric broken beat. 

All in all, four stories in sound which offer up a treat of cosmic proportions.


Luis Leon - Eta Carinae
Luis Leon - Betelgeuse
Luis Leon - Relativität
Luis Leon - Schwerkraft

Release Date: 4th November 2016