Man With No Shadow brings his adept style to ALiVE Recordings with 'Black T


Man With No Shadow brings his adept style to ALiVE Recordings with 'Black T

Dutch producer Man With No Shadow brings his adept style of House Music to ALiVE Recordings with the 'Black Tulip' EP - also featuring on the release is a remix from Luuk van Dijk

The first track on the release titled ‘Black Tulip’ has thick bass stabs, snare rolls and rising pads that build with energy until the tracks main bassline hits with devastating force. Complemented with a simple melody synth it’s not long before the bass stabs return and this dancefloor focused monster hits its crescendo.

The second track called ‘Trooper’ is percussion lead with a heavy kick that gives it a subtle Techno influence with prominent vocals washed in delay build in tension to captivate the listener and drive the track forward, whilst hard hitting snares fill the spacious mix.

Last of the three original tracks is ‘Go Jimmy’ and it combines a throbbing bassline with clap rhythms and eerie strings. Darkest of the original tracks, it has epic qualities and an irresistibly twisted vibe.

Finishing off the release is the Luuk van Dijk remix of ‘Trooper’ and opting for a slightly deeper take on the original, he starts by adding his own warped bassline and uplifting pad. Keeping all of the originals stripped back charm, the vocal remains the driving force, but this rework is all about the extended break and truly satisfying arms in the air moment when the bass and kick come crashing back in.


1. Black Tulip
2. Trooper
3. Trooper (Luuk van Dijk remix)
4. Go Jimmy

Release Date: 1st August 2016.