Manu Ferrantini re-releases 'Mistress Robot' reworked and remixed


Manu Ferrantini re-releases 'Mistress Robot' reworked and remixed

Manu Ferrantini is a French DJ Producer who lives between Paris-Lisbon and Goa. As former Guitar Player of French Nu Metal Band 'WATCHA' he recorded 5 albums and played about 700 concerts around the world from 1998 to 2008.

Manu started to perform Dj Sets & Live Acts in 2009 on the beaches and clubs of Goa where where he was by Soupherb Records, since this rising talent has shone through with all his releases.

Mistress Robot is a single from his last Album that we loved and inspired us to do a remix pack. Manu has also delivered a new version of this track which is a scorcher on the floor. The track is re-released on Soupherb Records the original was put out on Vision Alternative over 18 months ago.

Soupherb Records would like to welcome Luis M and Elmute onto the label with their versions together with Label regulars like Breger, AFM and Calm Chor who also delivered quality tracks.

All in this pack is designed to create the mayhem on the dancefloor we witnessed while testing.


01. Mistress Robot (2014 Rework)
02. Mistress Robot (Breger Reboot)
03. Mistress Robot (Calm Chor Remix)
04. Mistress Robot (Elmute Remix)
05. Mistress Robot (Arnold From Mumbai Remix)
06. Mistress Robot (Luis M Remix)