Marc Baker outputs 'The System' via new imprint Kippschalter


Marc Baker outputs 'The System' via new imprint Kippschalter

The first transmission from the new imprint Kippschalter based in Rostock, Germany - comes from label head Marc Baker. He creates his own interpretation of techno by combining classic technoid sounds with his distinct vocal-driven and dark style.

The Kippschalter imprint stands for pure Techno music. Founded in the year 2015 and hosted by Marc Baker. Kippschalter supports young and talented artists from all over the world. The sound of Kippschalter is raw and influenced by the true sound of Berlin and Frankfurt.

Additionally, this release is supported by Mike Wall and DJ T.A.G. on remix duties, who make this record a very special and gloomy experience.

The release kicks off in style with 'The System' a heavy duty Techno track with no-holds barred, which slaps you right in the head with it’s relentless kick drum and intense synth-lines.

'Com_Log' has that great old skool Techno feel to it, raw and stripped back, with it's bleeps, heartfelt kick drum, and sharp high-hats.

While the Mike Wall remix of 'The System' is perfect for the peak time, with it's driving drums continues with spacious sounding percussion and and industrial sounds give the track a Detroit meets Berlin primeval vibe.

DJ T.A.G completes the release with his remix of 'Com_Log' with it's elecktroid drum patterns submerged by drones and uncanny samples, uncompromisingly direct and simplistic.

Marc Baker - The System
Marc Baker - Com_Log
Marc Baker - The System (Mike Wall remix)
Marc Baker - Com_Log (DJ T.A.G. remix)

Release Date: 25th June 2015.