Marcel Fengler, VRIL, Thomas Hessler & Echoplex - Unit EP


Marcel Fengler, VRIL, Thomas Hessler & Echoplex - Unit EP

The Index expands into its fourth chapter with a rich collection of tracks from key label artists Marcel Fengler, Thomas Hessler, Echoplex and VRIL.

Label co-ordinator Marcel Fengler drops ’Scion' on the A1, a non-typical, deeper House-influenced jam with a floating, mind-melting soft-focus. Abstract, crafty Techno meets classic Sunday-afternoon vibes in this unique offering.

After his wonderful 4-tracker on IMF003 promising talent Thomas Hessler continues his run with the melodic and stark journey track, 'The Escaper'. What is initially shrouded in mystery and melancholy soon opens up into a funky, US vs. UK-styled workout, snapping snares and reduced percussion driving the meandering synth theme.

Echoplex, who graced IMF002, also returns with a suitably trippy and percussive number, entitled 'The Relapse'. Building into a bleepy, freaky, acidic killer, complete with some cleverly deployed rave-vocal samples, filtering in and out of the fluffy aesthetic, the long-serving Polish master is still on top form.

Going for impact and stand-out sound design, VRIL offers 'Thronwagen' - a mesmerising arrangement of synth layers, classic Techno stabs and overlapping themes. Already well-known for his powerful drums and bottom end control, this more musical piece goes a long way to showcase some of the German producer's many other talents.

A1. Marcel Fengler - Scion
A2. Thomas Hessler - The Escaper
B1. Echoplex - The Relapse
B2. VRIL - Thronwagen