Marco Bailey announces MATERIA XL2 on his imprint MB Elektronics

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Marco Bailey announces MATERIA XL2 on his imprint MB Elektronics

Marco Bailey’s MATERIA bought a new generation of party to the magical island of Ibiza this summer, with a focus on raw underground techno, Marco’s vision for his first season at Vista Club every Sunday brought top techno artists from allover the world including Paul Ritch, Carlo Lio and Shlomi Aber.

After the successful release of XL1, which acted as a preview to what we could have expected this summer, Marco has just announced the release of MATERIA XL2 on his imprint MB Elektronics ’“ and it provides a powerful collection of 21
tracks that were prominent throughout the season at MATERIA.

Mixed down by Marco himself into a sublime set, it has a selection of exclusive tracks from MBR Limited and MB Elektronic regulars including Marcel Fengler, Dany Rodriguez, Mikael Jonasson, The Persuader and not forgetting the label
boss himself with his yet unreleased track ‘Gravity Drag’ from his forthcoming EP due out later this year.

The array of tracks across this compilation provides a powerful and pure electronic journey, placing it firmly at the forefront of underground techno.


1. Joachim Spieth - Decelerate
2. Yotam Avni ’“ Marca Version
3. Margot ’“ Er Suonone
4. Nima Khak ’“ Hidroelectrica
5. Moteka ’“ Xytyru
6. Alfredo Mazzilli ’“ Invisible Entity (Zadig Remix)
7. Sterac ’“ Rotary
8. Flug & Miki Craven ’“ If You Missed It
9. Mikael Jonasson ’“ Projectile
10. Dany Rodriguez ’“ Spirit (Mikael Jonasson Mix)
11. Alex Bau ’“ The Whip
12. Valent ’“ Black Wool
13. Shlomi Aber ’“ Paradox
14. Marco Bailey ’“ Gravity Drag
15. Blawan ’“ Marga
16. Shifted ’“ Persistence Of Vision
17. UVB ’“ Honne
18. Marcel Fengler ’“ Shitau
19. Sigha ’“ Christ Figures
20. The Persuader ’“ Över Stigen
21. Soolee ’“ Tense (Unam Zetineb Remix)

Release Date: 14th October 2016