Marco Bove​ presents 'Born Out' EP on Fluctus Soul


Marco Bove​ presents 'Born Out' EP on Fluctus Soul

Marco Bove presents his 'Born Out' EP, for the fifth release from Fluctus Soul imprint presenting an array of electronic music experimentation including a remix from Mattia Trani.

Conveying a sensation of bright colours each giving off a energy and heat - the three original tracks present the willingness to embrace experimental compositions. 

From the shifting rhythms of 'Pacem' to the tranquil start of 'Fluctus Born Out' which slowly builds with off-kilter bass-lines, while 'In Quietem' seals the release with it larger than life bass-line and twisted acid sections. 

Labelled as “student of the school of Detroit” - Mattia Trani presents his reworking of 'Fluctus Born Out' adding airy sweeping toms, with a swirling synth-line that builds giving off a 'Detroit' energy.


Marco Bove - Fluctus Born Out (Original Mix)
Marco Bove - Fluctus Born Out (Mattia Trani remix)
Marco Bove - In Quietem (Original Mix)
Marco Bove - Pacem (Original Mix)

Release Date: 19th December 2016.