Matt Klast debuts on Karunga Muusika with 'I'm Burning' EP


Matt Klast debuts on Karunga Muusika with 'I'm Burning' EP

Karunga Muusika drop a autumn burner with a talented producer from Colombia - Matt Klast, who delivers a diverse range of tribal variations on the 'I'm Burning' EP - featuring three original tracks that pack a serious punch, whilst offering a clear and distinctive style.

The title track on the release 'I'm Burning', is jam packed full of catchy vocals, held together with seriously groovy bassline that delicately sits on top of an almost tribal beat - it's an hypnotic affair.

'Keep Moving' is more of a driving tribal track, which also has some great vocals making use of sound changes and altering of dynamic and energy levels.

'Just The Way' is a track full of vocals this time going down a more playful and fun route, it's a tribal rollercoaster that builds around a heavy bassline, chopped vox and a cheeky synth sample that's thrown in for good measure.


1. I'm Burning
2. Keep Moving
3. Just The Way

Release Date: 28th October 2015.