MC&Hammer offer up the synth infested 'Cheap Kills' E.P


MC&Hammer offer up the synth infested 'Cheap Kills' E.P

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, MC&Hammer offer up the House and synth infested 'Cheap Kills' E.P via the Good Company Records imprint - three tracks featuring a remix from fellow NYC native MANIK.

The Brooklyn duo peel back their layers of audio knowledge and employ their unconventional recording practices to construct two original compositions - ‘Time Slip’ and ‘Fair Game’.

Brainwaves are besieged by ‘Time Slip’, which boasts slippery synth melodies and tightly timed percussion, all served over a thick bed of restless bass.

Prepared with a generous dose of secret spice, ‘Fair Game’ wines and dines us with enough rhythm and groove to leave anyone hot and bothered.

NYC native MANIK jumps in with the good company to remix ‘Fair Game’, blending a stylized patchwork of acid with a zero gravity low end that makes us feel like we have moon boots on (and how cool were moon boots!?)

This three-course ensemble is best digested on the dance floor.


1. Time Slip
2. Fair Game
3. Fair Game (MANIK remix)

Release Date: 31st July 2015.