Metamethod releases 'Exoshift' EP via Nightime Drama


Metamethod releases 'Exoshift' EP via Nightime Drama

Metamethod is back with a second EP for Nightime Drama, creating powerful techno grooves that made him so essential back in the 90s on the three track 'Exoshift' EP.

‘Exoshift’ opens things up with a lurching, low sung beat that rocks back and forth as frazzled synths and rusty frequencies skate about up top. It’s body music that really makes a mark.

While ‘Autofac’ then slips into more of a forward moving groove with prickly percussion and woodpecker hits all driving along a bleak techno landscape. 

Last of all, ‘SuperLifter’ marries bulky, broken sounding drums with celestial pads that glow white amongst the murk and greyness of the rest for the track. It is atmospheric, grainy techno for serious heads only.



Release Date: TBC