Michal Wolski explores atmospheric Techno with 'The Roots' EP


Michal Wolski explores atmospheric Techno with 'The Roots' EP

International Day Off present their second release from Poland's Michal Wolski with his 'The Roots' EP - it's a phat production of atmospheric Techno - with six tracks including two remixes from New Rome and Gary Holldman.

Michal Wolski, one of the most skilled polish techno producers known for productions for such labels like Blank Slate, Technosoul, Eerie, Minicromusic and legendary Warsaw-based Recognition Records.

Wolski shows how to understand techno music. In these productions you can see a variety of music inspiration. You can expect deep, ambient and minimal influences. From the light ambient sounds of New Rome Bass Edit to very well produced strong based dub-techno and techno sounds.

Gary Holldman version witch after a long intro gives a large dose of minimal techno, while remaining faithful to the original version. All the productions create a common and concise root techno in its various forms.


1. Clarity
2. The Mountain
3. The Mountain (New Rome remix)
4. Ordinary Mind
5. The Root
6. The Root (Gary Holldman remix)

Release Date: 16th December 2015