Mirror Image & Vale of Tears release 'U' (ft D Unity Remix)

Deep House

Mirror Image & Vale of Tears release 'U' (ft D Unity Remix)

Tears recordings offer up their latest EP pushing their own brand of emotional House music from Mirror Image & Vale of Tears.

The original track “U” comes from Mirror Image & Vale of Tears, packing a fierce tribal feel and intricate percussion work, all wrapped up with a delicious reverb soaked female lead that allows the arrangement of the track to peak and hold tension nicely, a real burner.

The D- Unity remix on the flip comes at things from a deeper angle than the original, feeling slightly more tech and with a more menacing intent and powerful beat. Here D- Unity dubs the vocal out and pairs them up with some luscious big sounding stabs. Like the original the track holds the tension but with a very different feel indeed.


1. U (Original Mix)
2. U (D Unity Remix)

Release Date: 17th October 2016