Modulhertz proudly presents Temudo 'Cava' EP


Modulhertz proudly presents Temudo 'Cava' EP

Modulhertz proudly presents Temudo with the 'Cava' EP, which features two original tracks, a collaboration with V i L and a remix from Eric Fetcher.

The releases aesthetics relies in a dense wall of sound meticulously crafted, allied with a psychedelic aura. Each track benefits from a strong synergy between a rave oriented philosophy and a profound sonic exploration.

With it's dense atmospheres and hypnotic flows 'Cava filho, Cava' kicks off the release bring a fresh new sound - Eric Fetcher is on remix duties for this track, adding a minimalistic touch, refining the ebbs and flow with sharp hi's and deeper overlays.

'Hendrwi' takes to sonic side of things, giving a more drone feel to the track showing willing to embrace the synergy.

Teaming up with V i L for the closing track on the release, 'ACEN' heading to a straight-forward 4x4 beat presenting a warehouse techno aura building to stature with a defining rhythm.


Temudo - Cava filho, Cava (Original Mix)
Temudo - Cava filho, Cava (Eric Fetcher remix)
Temudo - Hendrwi (Original Mix)
Temudo & V i L - ACEN (Original Mix)

Release Date: 7th November 2016.