Monika Kruse celebrates 15 Years Of Terminal M with 'The A Sides Vol. 1'


Monika Kruse celebrates 15 Years Of Terminal M with 'The A Sides Vol. 1'

Monika Kruse's star is shining brighter than ever with a global fan-base hungry for her irresistible beats, her label Terminal M hits fifteen this year and to celebrate the fact, Monika invited new friends as well as longtime Terminal M artists to contribute an exclusive 'A-Side' for this set of three EPs.

Part One sees a culmination of five original tracks from Anna, Luca M & JUST2 and Alex Rise, Pig&Dan vs. Mark Reeve, Alexander Aurel and Henri Matisse, with each artist bringing their own style to the celebration.

Anna with her track 'Where Are You Now' features a squelching bassline and sporadic rhythms for an innovative take on the peak-time Techno stomper.

Next up on the release is the combination of three artists - Luca M & JUST2 and Alex Rise with 'No Obstacles' - a slow build up drops into a vigorous drive, mottled beats and house style vocal thrown in with a heavy and textured bassline.

Pig&Dan take on Mark Reeve with their track 'Daydreamer' - a slow burner with its deep and spacey outlook.

Alexander Aurel drops his 'Breathe' is a perfect DJ tool with an infectious groove and heaps of energy for those restless dancefloors

Completing the release Henri Matisse takes a deeper approach with 'Gear' with its laid-back break and sci-fi edge, deeper realms with ominous sounding synth work.


1. Anna - Where Are You Now
2. Luca M & JUST2 and Alex Rise - No Obstacles
3. Pig&Dan vs. Mark Reeve - Daydreamer
4. Alexander Aurel - Breathe
5. Henri Matisse - Gear

Release Date: 16th October 2015.